Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Medieval Centre of Riga

I went to Riga, the capital of Latvia on a cheap flight earlier this year, I was really looking forward to doing something like i had done with Dublin, walking around for hours and hours trying to get a feel for the city and some pics in the process.

I went with my girlfriend and two other friends so had to balance my time. I took most pictures before anyone else was awake and met up with them at midday to do regular touristy things (well...shooting rifles in an old soviet bunker might be a bit of a rarity in most places).

I love Riga. I had a great time...not despite the Latvian's cold disposition, but almost...because of it. There was something so alien about the atmosphere of the city. Most places you go on holidays, whether you like it or not, land you in a touristy atmosphere, which is a shame, it can take a bit of a wander off the beaten track to get a real feel for a place. Funny thing about Riga is it's still so relatively unknown for such an amazingly preserved Medieval city that if you can ignore the hostel crowds, the personality of the city is prevalent. Authentic is the word.

These are some pictures from the old part of the city.

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