Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cappadocia from the air

Cappadocia is an incredibly unreal landscape. A vast area of volcanic rock in central Turkey that's been eroded over millions of years by wind, somewhat like parts of the great west in America, only arguably more magical because of it's history.
The land was passed and divided by names as enduring as Xerxes of Persia, Alexander the great and Genghis Kahn, and its legacy is quite literally carved into the mountains with cave cities and soaring cliffside temples occupied for thousands of years.

Its more a backpacker's destination at the moment, with a collection of small villages with locals specialising in crafts, but get there quick, everyone seems to be converting a cave into a hotel and stockpiling quad bikes!

the big commercial tourist attraction is hot air balloon rides though, which i guiltily forked out for. Absolutely no regrets though!

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